Commercial Property Eviction

At Traveller Evictions, we can come to your assistance if you need help with commercial property evictions. We have been carrying out these tasks for many years and can be counted on to deliver the results that you require safely and in line with the law. We may be able to return your property to you within just 24 hours of receiving your instruction and can sometimes take action on the same day. We can forfeit on tenancies at will, licences and leases and can re-enter your property peacefully when your tenant is off-site.

A breach of agreement

Has your tenant breached their agreement? If so, you will be legally permitted to re-enter your property and terminate their lease. It may be possible to terminate the agreement instantly, or you could bring it to a close after a period of notice. It is essential that you are able to establish your right to forfeit the lease and may need to identify a specific clause that shows you have the right to do this. If the breach is not deemed to be serious enough, it’s advisable to obtain legal advice before you proceed.

Notices, photographs and inventories

We can send a locksmith out to your property once your instruction is received. A Traveller Evictions agent can complete the notices and display them as they are legally required to. They will also take photographs of the new locks as well as the display notices. We will also produce an inventory of items and take photos of them. A Legal Torts notice can also be displayed if appropriate, and we can also take photos of meter readings. Legal Torts notices tell third parties and tenants that they have a period of 7 or 14 days to remove their goods. You have the legal permission to dispose of their goods if they do not collect them before the period elapses. If they do decide to pick up their goods, we can supply supervised access. We are also happy to talk to third parties on your behalf to discuss topics such as lease and rental agreements as well as retention of title claims.

Instruct us via our site

You can instruct us to conduct a forfeiture of lease through our website. Your instructions provide us with the authority needed to effect peaceable re-entry and secure the forfeiture of the lease. If you do choose us to carry out the forfeiture, we will assign a case handler to you, and they will become your main point of contact from start to end. You will be able to contact them outside of office hours, and they will keep you informed on any important updates.

Take action now

We are waiting to hear from you right now if you do need to carry out a commercial property eviction. We operate 365 days a year around the clock and are able to provide the first-class service that you need. To contact us today, simply complete this form.