Traveller Evictions Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Certificated Enforcement Agents?
In most cases, landlords can conduct the eviction themselves, however, most will instruct a Certificated Enforcement Agent to carry out the eviction. This is because the agents are educated in the relevant law and procedure, and will act within those laws. As well as following health and safety procedures along with carrying out a risk assessment on the eviction, they can then implement the necessary man power and resources to carry out the eviction.

Can you Evict Immediately, Returning back my Land?
Yes we can – there are a number of variables that might not make immediate eviction possible. Where evicting immediately is not possible, we would usually serve notice, allow a reasonable amount of time and then if necessary re-attend the following day, removing them without any further notice with the use of contractors where required.

What if Trespassers have already Vacated The Land?
This means we will have no issue making peaceable entry, we will still need to attend the site to complete a diligent search as well as investigate the condition of the building/s. If there are no secure compounds or buildings, then there may not be any requirement for us to attend. Please call the office prior to our attendance to cancel and prevent costs.

Is There a Requirement for Me to be On-Site When You Attend?
No. We deal with everything, taking the stress and worry off you. All we need to know is where to return any replacement keys and if you require any additional services to secure the site, such as, concrete barriers, sand bags, on-site SIA licensed security.

Will the Police Assist with the Eviction?
No, the Police do not assist. We will attend site, assess the situation, carry out a risk assessment and notify the police as and when it is required, usually when and if a breach of the peace occurs.

How Quickly can you Attend?
We can usually attend on the same day of instruction.

What is the Law? (Halsburys Law of England; volume 45 (Fourth Edition))
Under ancient rights of Common Law found in Halsburys laws of England, (Para 1400, Volume 45 of the Fourth edition) every landowner has a right to remove trespassers from their land or property. This can be assigned to an agent.

Are you Able to Organise Locksmiths, Security and Removal Transportation?
Yes, this is where intelligence provided by you becomes vital, keys, knowledge of any alarm codes, layout of the land/ building really does help. Removal trucks will be arranged by us where required.

What If the Trespassers Return, Re-Occupy or Break Back into Buildings?
LAND: On the very rare occasion that the same Travellers may re-occupy the land on the same day we carried out their removal we will re-attend the site and attempt to move them again. We will complete this service at a continuation of the original hourly rate, we will not apply a further attendance cost, giving you peace of mind. Any occupation of the land the following day, be it by the same or different Travellers will require a further instruction.

PROPERTY: With the information and picture evidence that our enforcement agents collate whilst on-site it would be relatively easy for you to determine whether or not a criminal offence has taken place. If this is the case you must contact the police, although they can find it challenging to determine who actually carried out the offence if one has taken place, especially where there are a number of trespassers on-site.

What about Court Orders?
Instigating a Court Order is possible but can take up to 21 days and may be considerably expensive, usually between £5,000-£6,500.00 in solicitor, court and enforcement costs.

What Further Information we would like you to Provide?

Please inform us of the approximate number of trespassers / vehicles on the land. If the trespassers are occupying an enclosure or a building, do you hold any keys or alarm codes.