Traveller eviction in London

At Traveller Evictions, we specialise in removing trespassers from London properties. The presence of travellers on your property can be incredibly frustrating and can bring your business to a standstill, but you can count on us to deliver the ideal service for your needs. We have been providing this service for many years and can remove travellers from your land or property safely and quickly. As London is such a big, active city, many property owners across the capital regularly face problems with trespassing and travellers, but we have the experience to deal with even the most challenging scenarios successfully.

Avoid costly court orders and solicitors

Contact us today if you need help with dealing with a problem related to travellers on your property. We may be able to resolve the issue without the requirement of a court order or solicitor’s instructions, saving you a great deal of money. The ancient remedy of Common Law can help you resolve your issue in a very short time frame. We do not recommend that you attempt to remove the travellers yourself, as this can be dangerous, and you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law if injuries or damage occur.

Safe, compliant evictions

All the evictions that we carry out are conducted in line with health and safety laws. We always conduct risk assessments before we take action, using our substantial manpower and resources to deliver the right results. It’s possible that we may need to liaise with the police to prevent a breach of the peace when providing our services for safety reasons. It’s advisable that you follow the instructions of the police to avoid injuries and damage to property. The police may instruct us to delay the eviction until they have made a thorough assessment of the situation.

The two processes

There are two eviction processes for eviction available. The first is a 24-hour self-help notice, where trespassers are asked to vacate the site before forceful action is carried out. The second is a 2-4 self-help eviction notice, where we remain on your site to oversee the vacation and packing. As it’s not always possible to clear your site of trespassers and their possessions within four hours, our Certified Enforcement Agents could need up to 12 hours to complete the process with their tow trucks.

Same-day action available

Our services equate to a cost-effective, swift alternative to getting a court order. It can take up to 21 days to obtain a court order, and you could be faced with a maximum of £5,500 to pay in legal and enforcement fees. We can take action on the same day you send us your instruction. It’s possible that your trespassers will leave as soon as they are asked to exit your site. In this case, all you would need to cover is the cost of our attendance and the serving of the notice.

Detailed reports and real-time updates

We will compile a detailed report when we arrive at your site and decide whether backup services are required. We can provide updates in real-time and send the report to your email inbox. Advice is also available on preventing future trespassing. You can get in touch with Traveller Evictions today simply by completing this form.