Traveller Eviction Bristol

Are you facing problems with travellers or trespassers in Bristol? If so, get in touch with Traveller Evictions at your earliest opportunity. We have been removing trespassers from private land for many years, and can be counted on to deliver the exceptional service that you require. Bristol is one of the UK’s biggest and most popular cities and is home to leading attractions like its harbour, zoo, suspension bridge and various museums. As it is such a big city, it’s no surprise to see how common problems with trespassers can be. However, we can be counted on to help you put things right and provide the peace of mind you’re seeking.

Avoid a court order

We have provided traveller and trespasser eviction services for a wide range of landlords and property owners. Not only can we carry out evictions peacefully, but we can also take action on the same day that we receive your instruction. When you opt for our services, you can avoid expensive and time-consuming court orders and you may be able to get the right outcome without solicitor’s instructions. Carrying out the eviction yourself without help from experienced professionals can be very risky, and you may find yourself in trouble with the law if you cause injuries or damage to property, so leave things to us. We always comply fully with health and safety legislation, with risk assessments always being carried out prior to evictions.

Police advice and support

It’s possible that we may need to ask the police for support and advice to prevent a breach of the peace. The police may instruct us to delay the eviction until they have been able to assess the scenario. Ignoring the advice of the police is very risky, and could cause the situation to worsen. If you do cause an injury or damage a trespasser’s property, you may find yourself facing prosecution.

The two processes

There are two different eviction processes available to you. With a 24-hour self-help notice, we can request that trespassers leave before we take forceful action. The 2-4 hour self-help notice is another option, and we can stay on your site to oversee vacation and packing. It is not always possible for us to clear the site within four hours, and we may need up to 12 hours to end the process. Nonetheless, we are always able to provide the outstanding service that you are seeking.

Contact us today

Don’t waste time – get in touch with us today if you need to remove trespassers from your Bristol property. When you opt for our service, you can avoid up to £5,500 in legal and enforcement costs, and you won’t need to wait up to 21 days for a court order. In some cases, trespassers exit sites as soon as they are asked to. If this is the case, you only need to cover the expense of our attendance and the serving of the notice. Find out more about our Bristol traveller eviction services by calling 0117 321 5839 today.